Sunday, 13 December 2015

[ WIG STYLING ] K - Awashima Seri

Time Duration : 3 hours 

Materials Required 
Sharp End Comb
Rubber band 
Hair Cream
Hair Rollers 
Wig Stand
Hair Clips

For Awashima's wig I decided to cut off the 100cm blonde wig I bought from Taobao last year for only RM30 last year. Due to my constant house moving for the past year I neglected the wig after my costest attempt for RWBY'sYang last year. Recently I started moving back to Kuala Lumpur and finally moved all of my stuff back from Penang so now I can finally set up my room and cosplay workshop once again. 

First thing I did for Awashima's wig was placing the original wig on the stand. As you can see from reference pictures, Awashima has shoulder length hair so I didn't bother combing through entirely. I took he shears and snipped through but still left about 2 inches so I could have some extra room for layering the wig without making it too short.

One of the best advice I got from wig styling is to always pay attention to the sewing lines of your wig. If you look on the inside, you can see the obvious elastic bands connecting the strands of wig together. With the sharp end of your comb, separate them and pin up the rest of the hair. You will end up with a thin layer of hair and just grabs a decent amount of hair and make sure your shears are facing upwards as you snip the ends of the wig. This helps thin out the wig and giving it a layered effect which prevents the wig from tangling up.

Please excuse my bare face LOL. I put on the wig because I find it easier to tie it in a pony tail than using the wig stand. It also helps getting the position right when styling the front part of the wig.

Once you get to the wanted length, apply some hair cream and roll the hair up with a hair roller to shape the wig more naturally. One of my biggest misconception about wigs is that they need to be kept back in the bag once its not in use, eventually I realized it made no difference and it was an easier option to just leave it on the stand with a roller.

As for the back part, just tie the pony tail into lose buns and pull the end of the wig strands so it fans out. Awashima also has a hair pin in between of her pony tails but I left that out because I was afraid that it might damage the elastic bands of the wig.


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