Tuesday, 10 November 2015

SMILEY Make Up Tutorial

Recently, I've been playing around with my make up kit quite often after being inspired by watching a tutorial video done by Lesley May SFX on her SMILEY tutorial. Do check out her videos and subscribe!! I came across her video while searching for scary Halloween make up for Adam's Halloween party. I actually planned to do this on Halloween but I couldn't see and I needed to drive around.

My version of SMILEY was much more simplified because this is my second attempt in doing this type of make up. Usually I'm more focused on the costume and prop and I neglect my make up. The worst part is, I procrastinate a lot so my costumes will seem like, some parts are perfect while some parts are not. Well no more! From now on if I wanna make this hobby a not so costly hobby, I should invest on a good costume so I don't have to rush in to making any new costumes for every new event. That aside, these are what I used for my Smiley Make Up :

Level : Beginner 
Time Taken : 30minutes

- Masking Tape
- Wire Gauze 
- 2 Types Powdered Foundation ;
 One that matches my skin and one that I use for shadow contour 
- Black Eye Shadow
- Brown Eye Shadow
- Gel Liner 

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