Monday, 2 November 2015

My Cosplay Make-Up Box

Before I was introduced to the world of Cosplay, I used to comment on Malay students who brought their make up bag to class in high school. At some point that actually was a trend, no idea why but they had many varieties of lotion and concealers with an occasional eyeliner or eyebrow pencil in them.

Later on my peers started dolling up and I always thought make up products were a waste of money. Seeing them buy RM20.00+ eyeliners from Watsons always irritated me and I'd go home complaining to my mom saying that my friends made me waste 20minutes just to pick out an eyeliner.

Eventually, I started cosplaying in the late 2013, I always thought Cosplayers didn't need much make up. HOHO I WAS WRONG. Instead of me complaining about how much money my friends are wasting on make up products, I am getting nagged on do I really need that much make up products. Cosplay is not only a hobby, its a lifestyle. So here I am today, "showing off" my *ehem* cheap *ehem* make up collection!

Why don't I invest on expensive make up? 

As I mentioned before, Cosplayers use ALOT of make up, when we restock our products its gonna cost a bunch. An average person can make their concealers last up to 3-6 months ; if an event is around the corner or a photo shoot is coming up, costests occupies most of your free time to achieve the perfect look for the character. Can you imagine how many time we redo our make up? This is why we can't afford expensive stuff you know.. On the other hand I am not working, so I can't be throwing my parent's money around and making it rain. 

I do get questions like :


Don't mean to brag, but I was born with quite flawless skin and I never pamper myself with any facial treatment. I am extremely lazy to the point where I can just wake up in the morning, slap on water on my face and just leave the house. So I guess its fair to say my face is still looking fine after using non branded make up products. Plus, my make ain't pasar malam cheap. I am a huge supporter of Daiso and Mr.DIY products, since Daiso make up was also featured on CLICKNETWORK's TRIED AND TESTED I guess you can say its quite safe!


This is my logic, why wash your brushes when you can buy cheap brushes and throw them away after they get dirty? Its only RM6+ and bonus on the brushes for being smooth af!

2. FALSE LASHES from MR.DIY and Taobao

Once me and Sarah were on the topic of false lashes and she told me that when she first bought falsies, it costs her almost RM70. It really shocked her when she found out dramatic false lashes can be bought from Mr.DIY for only RM1.50!! While the not so dramatic ones are sold in pairs also at Mr.DIY for RM7. If you're an occasional shopper at Taobao, you can get them for an ever cheaper price.

3. MAKE UP SPONGES from Daiso

RM5 for a big bag of make up sponges. GOD BLESS YOU DAISO.


Tissue is a huge must have for me when I'm putting on make up. I didn't even pay for this, I just took it from the tissue stash in my house xD


Not gonna bother telling you how much these costs but I put them together in my make up box just in case I forget to pack them for an event.


You'll never know how handy they are when you need them, so I threw them in as well.


Do I honestly need to elaborate more on how precious these masks are? Imagine walking in public with crazy eye make up and no wig or costume on, my image is going down the drain if I bump in to familiar faces!


When I first started cosplaying, I remembered one of the tips Taro senpai gave me was to cover my brows with glue stick if I wasn't brave enough to shave or trim them. I was skeptical at first but I can't live without them now!


After the glue dries on your eyebrows, powder them to prevent any wet glue patches from ruining your look. It even becomes sweat resistance! Trust me, I'm a very sweaty person during events.


Once you got your first layer of concealer on your brows, proceed to patch them down with liquid concealer and blend it with more powdered concealer. Repeat process if you have too. Liquid concealer also helps hide away any stubborn eye bags or dark circles I have #LifeSaver :P

11. BB White Cream

Not all my make up products are cheap okay, I do use SilkyGirl products too! This is like my ONLY SilkyGirl product. Hypocrite much? //bricks self// Shockingly, this is also the only product that gave me rashes a few times before. See, I have proof that not all branded products are good for you!

12. BLUSHER & HIGHLIGHT from Daiso

13. SHADOW & HIGHLIGHT from Daiso


Not my favorite eyeliner since I had to get an extra brush just to apply eyeliner but its water resistance so I guess that's good? :/

15. EYESHADOWS from Daiso, Mr.DIY and Chanel 

Okay, cross out the BB Cream. My eye shadow pallet from Chanel is the most expensive one by far. My mom bought this from New York and I just "lend" it from her since she's not using it anymore :P

16. MASCARA from Daiso


Funny thing is, I never used these before cause I prefer a softer look for my eyebrows. They also hurt like a bitch.

18. GEL LINER from Daiso 

19. EYELASH GLUE from Daiso 

20. EYELASH CURLER from Daiso 

 This was actually a gift from my high school graduation. I know, it seems stupid but it comes in very handy especially during events! It comes with tweezers, mini scissors and a nail clipper. Thanks SMK (P) Jalan Ipoh, lol!


You'll never know when you'll need them so I threw them in as well.

So yeah, that's what I have in my make up box. Of course I do plan on buying more make up products and watch my collection grow as my cosplans grow. I've been on hiatus from Cosplay for almost 1 semester now, it was one of the worst decisions I've ever made but that'll be on another post. If I rant here it'll be completely irrelevant.

Do hope this post helped out some new Cosplayers on knowing what to basic make up you need without costing a bomb. 

peace out 

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