Thursday, 2 July 2015

Our Journey with SPCA

On the 20th of April, our Holistic group volunteered to commence community service at SPCA Jelutong. SPCA is an animal shelter that brings in abandoned animals on the streets and animals that were called in by residence. The one thing that most people misunderstood is the fact that SPCA is an organization that started since 1824 in England, so that means this whole misconception of the no kill policy thing, is not started by shelters in Malaysia and also cannot be avoided because its a big organization. Basically you can't tell KFC to start selling Nasi Lemak in Malaysia just because Nasi Lemak is eaten by most Malaysians, right?

Every Monday for the past 7 weeks, we drove all the way to Jelutong after class for our services. On the first week, we were all new to the place and most of us were new to handling animals and the task we were given was to bathe the dogs. Of course it was scary mainly was because we didn't know the dogs enough to trust them. Overall, me and Melissa only got hurt by the elder dogs but it was mostly because the dogs were hyper not aggressive.

Our chores varies from bathing the dogs to cleaning cat ears, office work, spending quality time with the animals and even picking up leafs. Our group had about 8 members so we split the job among our members. The chores were less enjoyable during the first few weeks but we managed to pull it off after the following weeks.

On our final week, we wanted to make it worth remembering. Ms. Kogi, the staff from SPCA who we formed a strong bong with during our 7 weeks of service gave us a chance to just lay back and not handle that much of the pressure. On this say, I faced my fears of bathing with the elder dogs. I even bathed Remy - one of the dogs that scratched and bit me. Not only Remy, I even had a chance to bathe Duke! The overly hyperactive Labrador who I fell in love with. After finishing up our chores, we sat down and had a quick chat with her before we went off taking pictures.

From left : Johann, Daniel, Jerry, Sarah, Ms. Kogi, Emma, Me, President and Melissa.

Selfie with Duke!! You can see her pile of poop in the background, hahah!!

Giving my beloved Chestie one last hug. She was one of the dogs I first bonded with on my first week. She was quite big, so I took it as a challenge to bathe her. If my stay in Penang is permanent, I don't mind adopting her so at least Tiger has a friend to bond with. 

Selfie with Chestie again.

Even Banu got a selfie, when I first approached her I had to de-flea her because she was infested with it, but now she is flea free and ready to be adopted. 

Honestly it was unbearable to that I won't be going back to SPCA anytime soon for community service. I'm hoping that one day I will, I miss the presence of the dogs and the staff there. Especially Ms. Lily and Ms. Kogi. Adopting a dog is always better than buying one, not only it saves their lives but adopted pets are always more loyal to their care giver. Tiger was adopted by Said and she is aware of what she has been through before, that's why she always cries when me or Said leaves the house. And lastly, those who are interested to save a life, 

Please contact : 
Address: Jalan Jeti Jelutong 11600 Penang, Malaysia. 

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