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Journey with Major All Stars

I know its very late that I'm posting this, its just that I don't have the time with so much going on. Did I mention I moved to a new place? Its more convenient and closer to college compared to my old place. Even the environment is much better, but Tiger is still adjusting into in.

I'm sure most of you guys know that the biggest South East Asian Dota 2 tournament was held in Malaysia back in March so that means I'm 4 months late on this post. Hue. As excited as we were when the news of this tournament was said to be held in Shah Alam, Selangor our dreams came true when D2MC was invited to Cosplay at the event thanks to the help of our 3 leaders - Shaunie, Thomas and Hasif. If you guys are seeing this, I really really love you guys and I'm so blessed to be in this wonderful family :)

My journey to Major All Stars began at Sg.Nibong bus terminal. Thanks to Johann for fetching us there, it made our trip a lot easier because of all the language me and Said had. Said and I took the 5 hour bus ride down to Hentian Duta, K.L where we both had dinner at Ichiban Boshi, Publika. The place me and Said had our first date :P We went back there again and I tried their Tamago Mentai. It looked heavenly, but wasn't as good as Sushi Zanmai. I'm saying this as though I'm some sort of mentai expert.

And my main course was.. I forgot what's it called Cheese Baked Anchovies with Ebiko? I don't really know, just a wild guess. While I was eating this, I really really really missed Sakae Sushi's menu, sorry to say :V

After dinner, we took a taxi back to Said's house at and grabbed a few things before we left again to our hotel. Thanks Uncle Micheal for this lift !! The hotel we were staying in was called Hotel 1 Malaysia, non of us were familiar with the Shah Alam area so we had to rely on GPS. The hotel wasn't what we expected but hey RM200 for 3 nights with a comfortable suit what more can I ask for right? I found this hotel through Agoda  recommended by HuiMin. My experience with Agoda was quite good, the process was very smooth with no obstacles. I'm going back to them for my next booking for Animangaki this August, by the way HuiMin has a blog too, stalk here please.

This was what our hotel room pretty much looked liked, it was very small but could easily fit two. It also has very high speed wifi and a bathroom with good air conditioning. After our check in, I set up my wigs and costume then head off to bed.

The next morning I woke up at about 7am to get ready since we were told to get ready by 9am. Turns out we were suppose to be out to entertain the guest by 9am. Thankfully they agreed to give us more time to prepare. Before we left we took a quick group shot, credits to Thomas.

Windranger : Shaunie , Templar Assassin : Yuriko ,  Lina : Me , Razor : Felli , Bloodseeker : DB , Female Bloodseeker : Kisetsu Kaze , Warlock : ZeMing , Templar Assasin : HuiMin 

disclaimer : I have linked their Pages and Facebook to credit their work. If they have a Page, give them and awesome LIKE. If they have only Facebook, please don't harass them. 

After our group photo, we were sent off to roam around the stadium to entertain the fans while the match was experiencing some difficulties. Just wanted to clear up some misunderstandings..  Said was in the VIP section cause he legibly bought the tickets and I did not bring him along =,=) So yeah, Said was in the crowd being a total fan boy that he was. Glad that he managed to have a heart to heart talk with Mushi with no disturbance. Here are a few pictures he managed to take with my phone while I was off on "duty". 

The cheeky boy even got a chance to snap the player's room when he got a chance to go on stage.

While he was in the fall enjoying the air cond and matches, we were outside in the hot area taking photos with the fans. During our quick break, we got a chance to do a 1v1 with the computers set up there by MSI. 

Day 1 ended at 4pm due to some major technical difficulties, we were sent home and the social media wasn't very kind to the Major All Stars page. Come on guys, its not easy to host such a big event. Mishaps happen, but the MAS crew managed to clear up everything and made sure it was organized on Day 2. Which to me, was very professional. Its not easy to get an event running smooth and all due to pass experiences.. Good job fallout gaming and the MAS crew :D

Day 2 was very smooth, the down side was that we were told that our changing rooms have changed and we were no longer down the corridor from the VIPs. Oh well, its okay. We got changed and went out on a perfectly scheduled time table. At least we know what we are doing now, haha. 

 The props in our changing room looked really amazing. The shadow blade and battle fury was made by Hasif, do check out his work !!

After our duty, I went back inside the stadium to spend more time with Said. We sat together to watch the game and took a few selfies. Please allow me to be sweet for once okay :P

Enough of me, more of DENDI's cuteness. It might be blurry but ITS DENDI OKAY.  SO KEYUTE HIS FACE I WANNA PINCH!! Then we watched the match between Team Empire and I.G

Day 3, I MET DENDI !!!!! I arrived late so I was preparing in the changing room, then Thomas came up to me and said Dendi was just behind the door watching a match that was going on, I didn't had full makeup or costume on, but screw it. DENDI I'M COMING. My hands were shaking so the picture was blurred but LOOK AT HIS SMILE!!

As excited and happy as I was, today was our last day with MAS and D2MC. It was kinda depressing that I won't be able to meet them any time soon, so we just went full on retard with the pictures. DB x Felli is now an official ship. Haha, I'm sure this picture still haunts both DB and Felli till this day. Have some Lina x Rylai love, my god if DB's hand pushed me I would have accidentally kissed Emmie. NO. PLEASE.  ._______.)

Then we had our final group shot with Micho, our future Lina for AMG!! Still one more month to go until I can finally see them again with new characters and new photoshoots. I really and honestly can't wait!!

Oh yeah, and MAS was the start and cause of my eternal phobia for Mexican food. Eating the same thing for 3 days can really make you sick. After our lunch, we went into the stadium to watch the finals. In between the awesome cheerings, we also did a few selfies back stage. 

Sorry if I blurred this, I was too busy laughing cause I made a joke that Felli is now a typical malay girl with his Razor "sarong" hahaha!! More selfies in the stadium with our costume on watching the players play "us". I flipped out and fangirl-ed when Limp chose Lina in one of the match. Limp said that I looked amazing as Lina but I'm still not satisfied. I need to improve more for my next Dota cosplay to impress D2MC and make them proud!! 

Major All Stars officially ended with I.G taking the spot of no.1 and we went back to our hotel rooms to get ready for the after party, which were only given access to VIPs.  Guess who I met first.. CHUAN !!! Following with the best Pudge I know.. my baby boy Said! Then there is this shameless selfie of mine. While hanging out with D2MC we met Godz so a selfie and a group photo is a must. Said was talking to Xtinct while me and HuiMin were approached by some VIP guests. Shaunie came to drag us off and guess who we met next... 

Daniel be jealous.. huehuehue

That's all for my Major All Stars experience. Said and I checked out the next morning and took the bus back to Penang. Our next D2MC meeting will be at AMG but this time I'll put Lina aside and bring Luna with me. Hopefully my costume making skills improves and make this event memorable. I can't wait to see you guys again!! 

If anyone asks do I have a page during AMG, I'll just ask them to LIKE D2MC. Since you just read my post, you should too. DO IT. JUST DO IT. LIKE US. 

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