Saturday, 2 January 2016

My Love Story

It's just another night and I'm staring at the moon..
I saw a shooting star and thought of you...

I always thought that being in a relationship without the acknowledgement of others was the most painful thing in the world. In fact, till this day I still believe this saying to be true. Having to hide someone you are so proud of from the world is heartbreaking, having to go through lies over lives to hide soul mate's existence from your family just so that you keep everyone happy is straining as time goes by.

I sang a lullaby by the water side and knew..
If you were here, I'd sing to you...

3 years ago today, I was the happiest girl alive because I managed to win the love of my crush and my best guy friend who I spent most of my days talking too. Our love life was never smooth sailing from the start, we had many ups and downs, many fights and many break ups. Instead of calling it off and find a simpler route, we knew that if we went down that road we will regret it for the rest of our lives. We fixed our problems and learned from our mistakes, after each argument we had I learn to appreciate and love him even more than before. Despite all our depressing past, we also made many beautiful memories together.

You're on the other side as the skyline splits in two...
I'm miles away from seeing you...

We may not have the finance to go on luxurious trips together, or going out to the cinema or shopping eventually bore us because of all the stares we would get from the public. Not that it bothered us, but we preferred to stay indoors either watch a movie online or just play games together. Occasionally we would go out for night walks around midnight where it would be quiet and alone or star gazing under the night sky. It became a habit for us to go out at 3am to the mamak or McDonald's, most of the time I would be asleep by then but he is still awake gaming. Around 1am I would be nagging on how hungry I am, and he would delay me until 3am to go eat.

I can see the stars from America...
I wonder, do you see them, too?

I remember making him watch "The Fault in Our Stars" with me, not because we had a soft spot for romance but simply because I fell in love with the song "All The Stars" by Ed Sheeran. Which was a completely stupid idea because the both of us fell asleep at the cinema half way through the movie. We both woke up to teary eyed couples around us. To be honest, Divergent had a better love story than this.

So open your eyes and see...
The way our horizons meet...

I remember one of the longest times I haven't spoke with him was during his trip to Saudi for Umrah with his mom and siblings. I spent everyday of my last 3 years with him, talking to him on Facebook, and honestly those 12 days were the hardest for me. "All the Stars" was the latest memory we both had during that time, I listened to that song every minute of the day to keep me sane from overthinking that I'll never be able to see him again because at the same time. I wake up paranoid all week with my Facebook news feed filled with rumors and articles of terrorist attacks and flight tragedies because the hot topic at the time was Flight MH370. I feared waking up one morning and receiving news that I lost him in a flight crash. I know, I sound ridiculous when I look back on how innocent and stupid I was.

And all of the lights will lead...

Into the night with me...

Aside from all the ups and down in our personal lives, typical couple fights caused by jealousy and miscommunication.. we were eventually faced with financial problems after he moved to Penang with me. The choice to pack his bags and move interstate with me was so sudden, my housemate at the time didn't agree to having him move in with us. He was homeless and we had to find a place for him a.s.a.p. I had finals coming up and he was having a hard time securing a job due to his qualifications but most of his rejections were mostly based on racism. Penang is a pretty segregated community, Malays hang out with Malays, Chinese in their own community and Indians chilling out doing their own thing, foreigners also had their own pack. It was difficult for him to fit in there, so he was unemployed for many months. We had to make things work, so we tried cutting cost and living as cheap as possible.

And I know these scars will bleed...
But both of our hearts believe...

From eating out at restaurants, came the take outs from Mamaks. From wasting our money on snacks to buying groceries and cooking dinner together. From whole meals to eating Maggie Cup noodles together, it was basically all 'been-there-done-that' for us. Our financial status hit so low that eating fast food was considered as a heavy expense. Every time I had the temptation to buy materials for cosplay, I had to fight the urge because seeing my boyfriend starve while I'm at college was a more painful sight for me.

All of the stars will guide us home.

Let's be real, at this point it would have pushed many couples including married ones to the edge. Waking up to hate the morning sun because we had to think of what to do settle our meals. I would get irritated with him staying in all day and secretly start to compare him with others. Every time I had such thoughts, I would brush it off because I know I was the one that choose him to be my partner. If I really loved him like I claim I do, I better stick to my words and not let materialistic cravings get the best of me. I had to look at things from his point of view, he doesn't show his pain on the outside like I do but deep down he is broken and depressed from how reality has been treating him. For someone like me to have a more blessed life than him, I had to be his pillar of emotional support.

I can hear your heart on the radio beat...
They're playing 'Chasing Cars' and I thought of us...

Waking up next to him was one of the best feelings in the world. Even if we both wake up all sweaty most of the time due to the weather, I'd still give him a morning kiss to wake him up. Exchanging morning breath was one of the little moments where we share our laughs. Our lives together was short lived when I had to move back to the college hostel when my father couldn't afford to pay my rent and I too agree that me living out alone was a bit too much on my father. I discussed it with his parents and he moved back in with his parents after that. Our lives resumed back to normal for a short period of time and just when I thought our crazy roller coaster ride had came to an end. The both of us fell into an abyss that forced our parents to meet each other for the very first time. All I can say is that it didn't end well, and this nightmare has just begun.

Back to the time, you were lying next to me...
I looked across and fell in love...

Without receiving the support from my parents, and the pressure coming in from every direction I look too.. I fell into a deep depression not knowing what to do, where to go and who to turn to. Every corner I turn to, there will be someone expecting an answer from me on how to settle the problem at hand. The worst was when I had to give an answer for my actions, it would be kicked aside because it wasn't what THEY wanted to hear. I had no one to get emotional comfort from, and no where for me to go to have a quiet place to think. I was so focused on making everyone happy, I just wanted to fast forward this chapter of life. For the sake of pleasing everyone, I convinced myself that if I just disappeared then everything will be fixed and everything will be fine. I chose to run away, leaving behind the only message was that I will kill myself.

So can you see the stars over Amsterdam?
You're the song my heart is beating to...

Everyone in my family was worried sake for me, my mom almost fell to her feet when she heard that I ran away from home. My dad was heartbroken and didn't know what to do, which was really uncommon for him.. he always knew what to do but not this time. On the bright side, I wasn't as stupid and dramatic like most girls in TV Shows, instead of running away alone I called up my best friend to take me away. At that point, she was the only one I could trust and I poured out my feelings to her. After 4 hours of thinking, I sorted out my priorities, knew what was best and stuck to that choice. The biggest lesson for me was to never run away from your problems, when you plan on closing a chapter make sure it is closed for good and never open it up again.

So open your eyes and see..
The way our horizons meet...

Through out the whole situation, one issue kept surfacing and its repeated by the mouths of many over and over again and I'm starting to get sick of hearing it. Based on popular believes, most interracial relationships have to involve religion. Its stupid that my relationship with Said can never be only between the both of us, other people will try to butt their way in and give us their two sense opinion. Religion was never a topic between us, heck it was never even part of our daily lives. Its not like we are uneducated on the topic, Said was taught well in his religion but doesn't practices it due to his westernized upbringing during his childhood in Australia. I am well equipped  in the teachings of Buddism and Taoism, but I don't go overboard with it because I feel like my religion is more of a lifestyle that teaches me on what is right and what is not. Majority oppose against our relationship because it is out of the norm, because they are too stubborn to change their mindset to keep up with the current generation. We were lead to believe that we will never be able to live our lives peacefully because of authority figures imposing man written rules on us based on what they think is right.

And all of the lights will lead into the night with me

I may be considered young and inexperienced, but I don't need to prove to anyone on how much I love Said, I know and he knows and that is enough for me. I will not cheat, I will not abandon him, I will not leave him. I will be sincere to him, I will love him with all that I can, and I will stay by his side even if he has hit his lowest point. I will be his shelter, I will be his companion, and I will aim to be his life partner. I don't need to impress anyone but myself, because outsider's opinions are not needed in my love life, hypocrites can keep your two sense opinion to yourself. Before you teach me how to love someone, solve your own problems first.

There will never be an ending to our love story, how can you close the book when the chapter has only begun? If Said and I were meant to be, we will still be together till we take our last breaths. Cheers to our 3 years Anniversary, Said. I love you and I can't wait to see what the future has installed for us. What I can assure you is that I will be holding your hand when we face our inner demons and whatever shit life wants to throw at us. After what we had been through, we can finally settle down and plan our future together. No more hiding, no more lies, the ring I wear on my hand will send a clear enough message on who my heart belongs too.

Thank you for reading. 

Sunday, 13 December 2015

[ WIG STYLING ] K - Awashima Seri

Time Duration : 3 hours 

Materials Required 
Sharp End Comb
Rubber band 
Hair Cream
Hair Rollers 
Wig Stand
Hair Clips

For Awashima's wig I decided to cut off the 100cm blonde wig I bought from Taobao last year for only RM30 last year. Due to my constant house moving for the past year I neglected the wig after my costest attempt for RWBY'sYang last year. Recently I started moving back to Kuala Lumpur and finally moved all of my stuff back from Penang so now I can finally set up my room and cosplay workshop once again. 

First thing I did for Awashima's wig was placing the original wig on the stand. As you can see from reference pictures, Awashima has shoulder length hair so I didn't bother combing through entirely. I took he shears and snipped through but still left about 2 inches so I could have some extra room for layering the wig without making it too short.

One of the best advice I got from wig styling is to always pay attention to the sewing lines of your wig. If you look on the inside, you can see the obvious elastic bands connecting the strands of wig together. With the sharp end of your comb, separate them and pin up the rest of the hair. You will end up with a thin layer of hair and just grabs a decent amount of hair and make sure your shears are facing upwards as you snip the ends of the wig. This helps thin out the wig and giving it a layered effect which prevents the wig from tangling up.

Please excuse my bare face LOL. I put on the wig because I find it easier to tie it in a pony tail than using the wig stand. It also helps getting the position right when styling the front part of the wig.

Once you get to the wanted length, apply some hair cream and roll the hair up with a hair roller to shape the wig more naturally. One of my biggest misconception about wigs is that they need to be kept back in the bag once its not in use, eventually I realized it made no difference and it was an easier option to just leave it on the stand with a roller.

As for the back part, just tie the pony tail into lose buns and pull the end of the wig strands so it fans out. Awashima also has a hair pin in between of her pony tails but I left that out because I was afraid that it might damage the elastic bands of the wig.


Tuesday, 10 November 2015

SMILEY Make Up Tutorial

Recently, I've been playing around with my make up kit quite often after being inspired by watching a tutorial video done by Lesley May SFX on her SMILEY tutorial. Do check out her videos and subscribe!! I came across her video while searching for scary Halloween make up for Adam's Halloween party. I actually planned to do this on Halloween but I couldn't see and I needed to drive around.

My version of SMILEY was much more simplified because this is my second attempt in doing this type of make up. Usually I'm more focused on the costume and prop and I neglect my make up. The worst part is, I procrastinate a lot so my costumes will seem like, some parts are perfect while some parts are not. Well no more! From now on if I wanna make this hobby a not so costly hobby, I should invest on a good costume so I don't have to rush in to making any new costumes for every new event. That aside, these are what I used for my Smiley Make Up :

Level : Beginner 
Time Taken : 30minutes

- Masking Tape
- Wire Gauze 
- 2 Types Powdered Foundation ;
 One that matches my skin and one that I use for shadow contour 
- Black Eye Shadow
- Brown Eye Shadow
- Gel Liner 

Monday, 2 November 2015

My Cosplay Make-Up Box

Before I was introduced to the world of Cosplay, I used to comment on Malay students who brought their make up bag to class in high school. At some point that actually was a trend, no idea why but they had many varieties of lotion and concealers with an occasional eyeliner or eyebrow pencil in them.

Later on my peers started dolling up and I always thought make up products were a waste of money. Seeing them buy RM20.00+ eyeliners from Watsons always irritated me and I'd go home complaining to my mom saying that my friends made me waste 20minutes just to pick out an eyeliner.

Eventually, I started cosplaying in the late 2013, I always thought Cosplayers didn't need much make up. HOHO I WAS WRONG. Instead of me complaining about how much money my friends are wasting on make up products, I am getting nagged on do I really need that much make up products. Cosplay is not only a hobby, its a lifestyle. So here I am today, "showing off" my *ehem* cheap *ehem* make up collection!

Why don't I invest on expensive make up? 

As I mentioned before, Cosplayers use ALOT of make up, when we restock our products its gonna cost a bunch. An average person can make their concealers last up to 3-6 months ; if an event is around the corner or a photo shoot is coming up, costests occupies most of your free time to achieve the perfect look for the character. Can you imagine how many time we redo our make up? This is why we can't afford expensive stuff you know.. On the other hand I am not working, so I can't be throwing my parent's money around and making it rain. 

I do get questions like :


Don't mean to brag, but I was born with quite flawless skin and I never pamper myself with any facial treatment. I am extremely lazy to the point where I can just wake up in the morning, slap on water on my face and just leave the house. So I guess its fair to say my face is still looking fine after using non branded make up products. Plus, my make ain't pasar malam cheap. I am a huge supporter of Daiso and Mr.DIY products, since Daiso make up was also featured on CLICKNETWORK's TRIED AND TESTED I guess you can say its quite safe!


This is my logic, why wash your brushes when you can buy cheap brushes and throw them away after they get dirty? Its only RM6+ and bonus on the brushes for being smooth af!

2. FALSE LASHES from MR.DIY and Taobao

Once me and Sarah were on the topic of false lashes and she told me that when she first bought falsies, it costs her almost RM70. It really shocked her when she found out dramatic false lashes can be bought from Mr.DIY for only RM1.50!! While the not so dramatic ones are sold in pairs also at Mr.DIY for RM7. If you're an occasional shopper at Taobao, you can get them for an ever cheaper price.

3. MAKE UP SPONGES from Daiso

RM5 for a big bag of make up sponges. GOD BLESS YOU DAISO.


Tissue is a huge must have for me when I'm putting on make up. I didn't even pay for this, I just took it from the tissue stash in my house xD


Not gonna bother telling you how much these costs but I put them together in my make up box just in case I forget to pack them for an event.


You'll never know how handy they are when you need them, so I threw them in as well.


Do I honestly need to elaborate more on how precious these masks are? Imagine walking in public with crazy eye make up and no wig or costume on, my image is going down the drain if I bump in to familiar faces!


When I first started cosplaying, I remembered one of the tips Taro senpai gave me was to cover my brows with glue stick if I wasn't brave enough to shave or trim them. I was skeptical at first but I can't live without them now!


After the glue dries on your eyebrows, powder them to prevent any wet glue patches from ruining your look. It even becomes sweat resistance! Trust me, I'm a very sweaty person during events.


Once you got your first layer of concealer on your brows, proceed to patch them down with liquid concealer and blend it with more powdered concealer. Repeat process if you have too. Liquid concealer also helps hide away any stubborn eye bags or dark circles I have #LifeSaver :P

11. BB White Cream

Not all my make up products are cheap okay, I do use SilkyGirl products too! This is like my ONLY SilkyGirl product. Hypocrite much? //bricks self// Shockingly, this is also the only product that gave me rashes a few times before. See, I have proof that not all branded products are good for you!

12. BLUSHER & HIGHLIGHT from Daiso

13. SHADOW & HIGHLIGHT from Daiso


Not my favorite eyeliner since I had to get an extra brush just to apply eyeliner but its water resistance so I guess that's good? :/

15. EYESHADOWS from Daiso, Mr.DIY and Chanel 

Okay, cross out the BB Cream. My eye shadow pallet from Chanel is the most expensive one by far. My mom bought this from New York and I just "lend" it from her since she's not using it anymore :P

16. MASCARA from Daiso


Funny thing is, I never used these before cause I prefer a softer look for my eyebrows. They also hurt like a bitch.

18. GEL LINER from Daiso 

19. EYELASH GLUE from Daiso 

20. EYELASH CURLER from Daiso 

 This was actually a gift from my high school graduation. I know, it seems stupid but it comes in very handy especially during events! It comes with tweezers, mini scissors and a nail clipper. Thanks SMK (P) Jalan Ipoh, lol!


You'll never know when you'll need them so I threw them in as well.

So yeah, that's what I have in my make up box. Of course I do plan on buying more make up products and watch my collection grow as my cosplans grow. I've been on hiatus from Cosplay for almost 1 semester now, it was one of the worst decisions I've ever made but that'll be on another post. If I rant here it'll be completely irrelevant.

Do hope this post helped out some new Cosplayers on knowing what to basic make up you need without costing a bomb. 

peace out 

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Dear 15 year old me,

拝啓 この手紙読んでいるあなたは どこで何をしているのだろう ?  
Dear 13 year old me,

Where are you and what are you doing now? For the 19 year old me, life is going on pretty well. It feels like I'm on a tiny boat floating in the rough seas without an ore and without a direction in life. We are only 6 years apart but I want you to know that everything is going to be alright. All those voices in your head telling you that you are not worth it, are only just voices. You are very much loved by the people round you and you should be grateful of everything, and treasure the moments you have with Blaze Curve because everything is going to change in Form 1. 

Dear 14 year old me, 

I hope you are doing well with the class separation. I still remember how sad I was when we were placed in different classes, but we are still in the same school. Form 2 is getting tough, but don't give up. Dear 14 year old me, break ups are not forever. You will find love somehow, but in the mean time treasure those who are with stayed by your side and don't let the negativity affect you. You are better than that and you know it.

Dear 15 year old me,

Why did you neglect your studies? Its PMR year, what happened to the dream of becoming a Forensic Scientist? What happened to your habit of taking notes in class? I thought I told you to not give up you dummy. Dear 15 year old me, I heard you found a new boy in your life? I hope he treats you well, but as I mentioned before.. do not neglect on your studies. 

Dear 16 year old me,

Its time to choose carefully on what you want. You are given the choice to take up Science Stream or Arts, choose wisely I don't want you to regret later on.. You didn't do well for your PMR, but there is still a chance to get back up on feet. So you decided to embrace the Arts? Good for you, I am proud of you. Dear 16 year old me, you don't have to impress anyone but yourself. Do what you love and you will enjoy every step of it. 

Dear 17 year old me,

It's SPM year! You've been working so hard for this day to come and its finally hear. What? He fell for another girl? NO, don't believe the rumors. Don't let it affect you, just ask him. Just concentrate on your SPM, there is no time for other distractions. Maybe venture into a new hobby will help you run away from the pain? I can't promise you anything, you'll have to figure out most things by yourself. Dear 17 year old me, its not the end of the world. Yes, leaving high school is painful but its the beginning of a new chapter. Do not forget the friends you made and left behind, your life is only just beginning. Hang in there!

Dear 18 year old me,

I think you found the right guy, he lifted the pain from your heart. He gave you so much love and comfort but its not easy to fall in love with someone from a different race. Getting all those stares from strangers mean nothing, when you are with him all that really matters is how happy you are. Hey I heard you got a job? That's great, I'm glad you enjoy what you are doing. Dear 18 year old me, sometimes holding on to something hurts more than letting go. Dear 18 year old me, you made it to college. Time to be more aware on what your goals are for the future, sometimes sacrifices have to be made for a better tomorrow. 

Dear 19 year old me,

The sun is shining again and the weather is great now. The wild storms have past, and you finally got to see your rainbow. Don't let your guard down, cause a bigger storm is coming but wait, don't lose hope now. Remember what I always tell you, there will be a rainbow after the storm. Just be patient and sail through the storm cause now you have an ore. You can navigate yourself through the rough seas. Everything will be better very soon, this I promise..

Dear future me, 

If you are reading this, I want you to know that you have been very brave and I am very proud of where you are today. Your family and friends will always love you, just because a chapter ended doesn't mean a new one can't begin. Stay strong, you have been through a lot to be where you are today and I am proud of that. 

拝啓 この手紙読んでいるあなたが

Monday, 27 July 2015

Journey with Major All Stars

I know its very late that I'm posting this, its just that I don't have the time with so much going on. Did I mention I moved to a new place? Its more convenient and closer to college compared to my old place. Even the environment is much better, but Tiger is still adjusting into in.

I'm sure most of you guys know that the biggest South East Asian Dota 2 tournament was held in Malaysia back in March so that means I'm 4 months late on this post. Hue. As excited as we were when the news of this tournament was said to be held in Shah Alam, Selangor our dreams came true when D2MC was invited to Cosplay at the event thanks to the help of our 3 leaders - Shaunie, Thomas and Hasif. If you guys are seeing this, I really really love you guys and I'm so blessed to be in this wonderful family :)

My journey to Major All Stars began at Sg.Nibong bus terminal. Thanks to Johann for fetching us there, it made our trip a lot easier because of all the language me and Said had. Said and I took the 5 hour bus ride down to Hentian Duta, K.L where we both had dinner at Ichiban Boshi, Publika. The place me and Said had our first date :P We went back there again and I tried their Tamago Mentai. It looked heavenly, but wasn't as good as Sushi Zanmai. I'm saying this as though I'm some sort of mentai expert.

And my main course was.. I forgot what's it called Cheese Baked Anchovies with Ebiko? I don't really know, just a wild guess. While I was eating this, I really really really missed Sakae Sushi's menu, sorry to say :V

After dinner, we took a taxi back to Said's house at and grabbed a few things before we left again to our hotel. Thanks Uncle Micheal for this lift !! The hotel we were staying in was called Hotel 1 Malaysia, non of us were familiar with the Shah Alam area so we had to rely on GPS. The hotel wasn't what we expected but hey RM200 for 3 nights with a comfortable suit what more can I ask for right? I found this hotel through Agoda  recommended by HuiMin. My experience with Agoda was quite good, the process was very smooth with no obstacles. I'm going back to them for my next booking for Animangaki this August, by the way HuiMin has a blog too, stalk here please.

This was what our hotel room pretty much looked liked, it was very small but could easily fit two. It also has very high speed wifi and a bathroom with good air conditioning. After our check in, I set up my wigs and costume then head off to bed.

The next morning I woke up at about 7am to get ready since we were told to get ready by 9am. Turns out we were suppose to be out to entertain the guest by 9am. Thankfully they agreed to give us more time to prepare. Before we left we took a quick group shot, credits to Thomas.

Windranger : Shaunie , Templar Assassin : Yuriko ,  Lina : Me , Razor : Felli , Bloodseeker : DB , Female Bloodseeker : Kisetsu Kaze , Warlock : ZeMing , Templar Assasin : HuiMin 

disclaimer : I have linked their Pages and Facebook to credit their work. If they have a Page, give them and awesome LIKE. If they have only Facebook, please don't harass them. 

After our group photo, we were sent off to roam around the stadium to entertain the fans while the match was experiencing some difficulties. Just wanted to clear up some misunderstandings..  Said was in the VIP section cause he legibly bought the tickets and I did not bring him along =,=) So yeah, Said was in the crowd being a total fan boy that he was. Glad that he managed to have a heart to heart talk with Mushi with no disturbance. Here are a few pictures he managed to take with my phone while I was off on "duty". 

The cheeky boy even got a chance to snap the player's room when he got a chance to go on stage.

While he was in the fall enjoying the air cond and matches, we were outside in the hot area taking photos with the fans. During our quick break, we got a chance to do a 1v1 with the computers set up there by MSI. 

Day 1 ended at 4pm due to some major technical difficulties, we were sent home and the social media wasn't very kind to the Major All Stars page. Come on guys, its not easy to host such a big event. Mishaps happen, but the MAS crew managed to clear up everything and made sure it was organized on Day 2. Which to me, was very professional. Its not easy to get an event running smooth and all due to pass experiences.. Good job fallout gaming and the MAS crew :D

Day 2 was very smooth, the down side was that we were told that our changing rooms have changed and we were no longer down the corridor from the VIPs. Oh well, its okay. We got changed and went out on a perfectly scheduled time table. At least we know what we are doing now, haha. 

 The props in our changing room looked really amazing. The shadow blade and battle fury was made by Hasif, do check out his work !!

After our duty, I went back inside the stadium to spend more time with Said. We sat together to watch the game and took a few selfies. Please allow me to be sweet for once okay :P

Enough of me, more of DENDI's cuteness. It might be blurry but ITS DENDI OKAY.  SO KEYUTE HIS FACE I WANNA PINCH!! Then we watched the match between Team Empire and I.G

Day 3, I MET DENDI !!!!! I arrived late so I was preparing in the changing room, then Thomas came up to me and said Dendi was just behind the door watching a match that was going on, I didn't had full makeup or costume on, but screw it. DENDI I'M COMING. My hands were shaking so the picture was blurred but LOOK AT HIS SMILE!!

As excited and happy as I was, today was our last day with MAS and D2MC. It was kinda depressing that I won't be able to meet them any time soon, so we just went full on retard with the pictures. DB x Felli is now an official ship. Haha, I'm sure this picture still haunts both DB and Felli till this day. Have some Lina x Rylai love, my god if DB's hand pushed me I would have accidentally kissed Emmie. NO. PLEASE.  ._______.)

Then we had our final group shot with Micho, our future Lina for AMG!! Still one more month to go until I can finally see them again with new characters and new photoshoots. I really and honestly can't wait!!

Oh yeah, and MAS was the start and cause of my eternal phobia for Mexican food. Eating the same thing for 3 days can really make you sick. After our lunch, we went into the stadium to watch the finals. In between the awesome cheerings, we also did a few selfies back stage. 

Sorry if I blurred this, I was too busy laughing cause I made a joke that Felli is now a typical malay girl with his Razor "sarong" hahaha!! More selfies in the stadium with our costume on watching the players play "us". I flipped out and fangirl-ed when Limp chose Lina in one of the match. Limp said that I looked amazing as Lina but I'm still not satisfied. I need to improve more for my next Dota cosplay to impress D2MC and make them proud!! 

Major All Stars officially ended with I.G taking the spot of no.1 and we went back to our hotel rooms to get ready for the after party, which were only given access to VIPs.  Guess who I met first.. CHUAN !!! Following with the best Pudge I know.. my baby boy Said! Then there is this shameless selfie of mine. While hanging out with D2MC we met Godz so a selfie and a group photo is a must. Said was talking to Xtinct while me and HuiMin were approached by some VIP guests. Shaunie came to drag us off and guess who we met next... 

Daniel be jealous.. huehuehue

That's all for my Major All Stars experience. Said and I checked out the next morning and took the bus back to Penang. Our next D2MC meeting will be at AMG but this time I'll put Lina aside and bring Luna with me. Hopefully my costume making skills improves and make this event memorable. I can't wait to see you guys again!! 

If anyone asks do I have a page during AMG, I'll just ask them to LIKE D2MC. Since you just read my post, you should too. DO IT. JUST DO IT. LIKE US.